How many lamps do I need in a 7 meter hallway?

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My house under construction has a hallway with a total length of 7 meters (length of the living room, + stairs upstairs + toilet). The electrician has planned 2 light fixtures. It seems to me that this is not enough.

Corridor with no windows and about 150 cm wide. A classic subway corridor.

How many lighting points should you plan for the hallway?

  • If you make dimmable bulbs, it will be a little easier.



It's not that simple. Depends on a lot of things:

— Area, height, desired brightness, lamp brightness, angle of lamp beam, scaling behavior of walls and ceilings, etc.

However, in any case, two lamps seems very insignificant to me. More like 3-5 depending on how the above items are doing.


You need to elaborate on all the factors, including wall and floor color and texture.

Example: If I plan four fixtures for 7 x 1.5 = 10.5 m², I need about 250 lumens per fixture (for ideal lighting), assuming 100 lux, which the vast majority of cheap LEDs can handle. For public buildings, however, 200 lux is assumed for corridors (which is already extremely bright for home), but if my fixtures are 1000 lumens each, then two planned by the electrician is sufficient, assuming we are talking white walls that help distribute the light evenly. You see, it's an equation with many variables.


I have exactly 4 of them at 7m. At 4000 K and a beam angle of 120°C, the brightness really goes up.

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