How many LEDs in the luminous ceiling is needed to replace the main light?

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When planning the renovation we want to give up the chandelier as the main lighting and replace it with a luminous LED stretch ceiling. The pluses are the long life of the diodes, the soft diffused light, the absence of unnecessary objects on the ceiling. But since this solution is not very common, I would like to know how many LEDs and how much power to replace the main light. Also I have doubts whether something can burn out inside the ceiling? Who has experience or guesses?




Your idea is interesting, but it will not replace the main light rather will be a function of illumination, in terms of replacing some element of the diode circuit, it is not difficult if the perimeter is not glued bezels, remove the cloth and there you have access


In my bedroom, the main light is done this way.

The bedroom is 4X3.6 m. I used two types of tape. The first is a LED6040 warm white light, the second is an RGB404040, two separate switches.

What about maintainability? The ceiling is two years old and everything is OK.

The transformers are separate so you don't have to remove the ceiling to replace them. They often burn faster than the tape, but I'm fine with that too.

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