How resistant is vinyl flooring to sand?

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We are renovating our tennis house and tile is no longer needed, because sand from the joints is difficult to sweep out. Now we have been offered glued vinyl, which is supposed to be insensitive.

Any experience here regarding the durability of the kitchen, living room, pantry and toilets? 

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    Why don't you test vinyl? Take a handful of sand with you, sprinkle it on the sample and rub it diligently with your feet. If it comes out unscratched, buy it. If not, the conclusion is clear.



Very durable vinyl already exists. For example, hundreds of people come into our bakery every day and stand in line, summer and winter.

Ours is still like new And it's also right in the hallway at the entrance dirty from shoes. It's also possible that because of the visual and tactile texture you can't see anything. Upstairs we have some with a harder surface, so scratches are probably more likely. I dropped a brick at one point and it left two small scratches – but the damage is much less than it would have been with tile.

Just order some samples. But a lot of sand is certainly not helpful in the long run. Ask around for companies with experience in the commercial sector to see what they recommend.


Well, sand on the floor that a lot of people shuffle on has the effect of sandpaper on the floor. You can guess the rest for yourself....


Ours has a use class of 23/32 and you can easily scratch it. Only found in children's rooms and after 2 years, it's already damaged enough.

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