How thick should the vinyl be – 4 or 7 mm?

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We are currently in the construction phase. All rooms except the bathroom, toilet and maintenance room need to be vinyl lined.

My general contractor recommends vinyl flooring with a minimum thickness of 7mm, otherwise the screed will have to be laid higher due to the height difference with tile. However, my flooring contractor recommends that I use 4mm vinyl because starting at 4mm vinyl is covered by some kind of coating that he personally can't recommend.

What do you think? Do I need to raise the screed so that the 4mm vinyl is flush with the tile? Use thicker vinyl so the screed is more or less the same height?



We take 3mm thick vinyl and lay the screed higher.

If you take vinyl and underneath it is 6mm cardboard/cork/wood/mdf or whatever, you lose exactly that advantage of being insensitive to water.

Underfloor heating also loses its effectiveness. Also, the click vinyl options with mdf were significantly more expensive than pure vinyl for veneer.

The only "concern" for us is that this decision means we can never switch to natural wood.


Get the standard vinyl flooring you like. Your flooring layer will fill in the height difference when you change the room or flooring. This is the way it is done in 99% of all new and existing buildings.

Recommending resilient flooring that is 7 mm thick makes you wonder if you meant what you said.

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