How to lay the parquet in the entrance door area – under the door or with a connection joint?

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Our front door is being renovated. The parquet has already been laid about 2 meters in front of it. Next week the old door will be removed and the new door will be installed.

My question now is what would make more sense. Once the door is out, put the parquet down to the edge and then install the door "on" the parquet? Or would it be better to install the front door and then lay the parquet all the way to the front door and maybe do a silicone joint or something similar?

It probably "doesn't matter," does it? But I'd love to hear what you think. Or is it not such a good idea to put the door "on" the parquet? 



A front door is never put on the floor. There is what's called a threshold to keep the water out and everything else airtight. The parquet is laid on top of it and then joined with a permanent elastic joint. At least that's the only way I've seen it in the houses I've been to so far.

  • I just thought it would be a nicer transition, without the silicone seam, if you put the door "on" the parquet. Since the door (similar to the sliding door on our patio) would probably protrude slightly into the room, I thought it would be practical to put the parquet first and then the door. 
  • Assuming you were to place the threshold on the parquet – which, due to the shape of the threshold, is more likely to cause a tripping hazard – you would still seal the parquet and the threshold with silicone. So it probably looks pretty much the same.
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