Share your experience with natural stone tiles (travertine, slate)

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Yesterday at the show we looked at natural stone tiles and were totally impressed. We especially liked the travertine tile in beige/brown, laid in the Roman technique.

Does anyone have any experience with natural stone tile?

So far, most of the opinions I've read have been positive. Once impregnated, all floors will be easy to maintain and insensitive. Maybe someone here has experience with it and can tell me something about it.



In the living room, kitchen, hallway and bathroom, it has become a peacock slate interior decoration. It looks fantastic.

I'll have to wait and see how it's cleaned and maintained, we're just moving in.

  • Wow!!! Are you still applying a color enhancer to the floor? 
  • I rubbed the entire floor with slate oil and color enhancer. It looks really great. I borrowed a floor scrubber before doing this and scrubbed everything thoroughly. It's easy to get stuck in the rough surface when wiping, but with a relatively thick, fluffy mop it works ; ) There's hardly any dust or dirt on the floor, although we haven't laid asphalt yet, and there's sand and gravel around the house. Time will tell the rest. 
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