What is the best way to insulate the facade of the house with siding finish?

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House of foam silicate blocks, row width 300 mm. What is better to insulate? Rockwool density of 80, a thickness of 10 cm or foam thickness of 10 cm?

The facade will be ventilated. Cladding will be siding.

Siding is the following:

— battens;

— Styrofoam or mineral wool;

— waterproofing film;

— siding.



 If you use foam as a heater, it loses all meaning of ventilated facade.

The walls of the house should "breathe" – this is the main condition for a ventilated facade. And the vapor permeability of polystyrene foam is close to zero.

And one more point (if we are talking about a ventilated facade) between the insulation and siding should be a gap of 20-30mm


I tend to use mineral wool for insulation and sound isolation.


 Put a rockwool. The outside is not waterproofing, but a windproof membrane.


Your walls are vapor permeable, so you need ONLY wool. As correctly written earlier – the vapor permeability of each layer should increase from the inside out. And the film should be vapor permeable (windproof membrane).

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