What slope to make in the garage?

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We need to make a decision about the slope in the garage. There are 2 options:

1. slope outward toward the garage door.

2. a slope in the middle of the garage with a drain.

How did you do it? Which option is better? Do you have any suggestions?

  • I chose option 1 at the time.



This thread shows very clearly how "one-sided" opinions are presented here. One would think that most garages should be built without a slope, "because you don't need one". But that very much depends on structural conditions, adjacent terrain, etc.


If the ground is relatively "smooth" and "level" (industrial pavement, tile, etc.), water may well follow the slope. Good if that slope is made intentionally in the direction of the exit (gate, drain) rather than in the direction of the wall (e.g., due to an unintentional slope during flooring/tile paving).


There is no slope at all. Those 3 times a year when you drive into the garage in the slush, you just go through the slider sometime later.


Even with low water masses there is no real flow movement. It doesn't matter if the puddle is localized under the tire or 30 cm long on the ground.

  • Yes, slopes don't do much good. Water only drains when the slope is very steep, and no one needs that. Implement option 1.
  • We don't have a gradient either. I didn't even know if it made any sense until I found out.
  • Our neighbor provided a drain in the middle and, of course, got a slope for it. But we also have a flat floor, which has proven to be perfectly usable over the past 15 years (in other garages).

When creating the slab, it's important to plan the end of the garage door on the floor slab from the beginning. There should be a small overhang on the outside that prevents rainwater from flowing from the outside to the inside if it rains the slightest bit. That is, the door seal is about 0.5-1 cm below the floor level of the garage. Of course, it has to be in the right place, but you have to know exactly how the door will be installed. We forgot to do this because the door was not planned until a year later (sectional doors), and now water from time to time gets outside...

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