What tabletop should I choose for a computer table?

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I am going to make myself a computer table with high strength, because I plan to stand on it and put shelves and sometimes work with tools. This raises the question which tabletop to choose. In general, I like solid wood, but to make a tabletop myself is hardly possible: I do not have a plier or long screw clamps. I do not want to take a ready-made furniture board made of pine, it is crooked and easily bent. Thought about using plywood about 20mm? Then the question is whether it needs to sand, how and what to paint? I want a perfectly smooth surface. Maybe someone can give me some advice.



Depending on the size, a table made of 20 mm plywood will not be easy.

You need to sand it down a bit. Pouring just a millimeter layer of epoxy will give it nice smoothness . Or several coats of varnish with sanding between coats. 


You can just take the laminated one and use it to make a tabletop. That's if it suits your style, in general you can make a whole table out of it. I wouldn't use thinner than 25 mm. It's even good for weight – it adds stability. You don't have to paint or sand it or anything.

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