How to do perimeter groove effect on the EIFS facade?

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Can you please tell me how to create a similar effect on the wet facade, as in the photo in the attachment? On the first floor on the perimeter of the type of grooves or as they are called, I do not know. Insulator – Rockwool stone wool density of 140. The thickness of 100 mm. Plaster stone Ceresite. How to cut insulation to a certain width and depth of the type of grooves, or glue the decor of foam with a thickness of 3cm? But then almost the entire perimeter of the first floor will be pasted on them.




This is called rustication on the facade. A rustication profile is used to create this effect.

Rustics on the facade can be made on any insulating material. Styrofoam, EPS, basalt or mineral wool, as well as foam glass. The easiest material to work with is expanded polystyrene (styrofoam) or EPS.

First, you need to mark on the facade where the furrows should pass. Then with a cutter or a milling machine cut a groove 1-2 mm. Next, we mount the tarmac decorative profile. It is better to take it with a reinforcing mesh.

The profile is mounted on an adhesive compound for foam or basalt wool. At the corners of the facade rolls are cut at an angle of 45 ° and filled with sealant. The groove, in which the molding for rustication (profile-rust) should be completely filled with adhesive composition.

And then everything is clear, priming, plastering, removing the protective film from the profile.

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