How to make long hangers to fix the siding?

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I plan to start siding house from a bar + mineral wool insulation 10cm, the walls are not flat, a difference of up to 10cm. Frame of the ceiling profile.

Question about hangers. I can not find long hangers, to compensate for the unevenness of the wall. I've found a variant of lengthening on the internet. How reliable is it? Thought to cut from perforated tape or sheet metal....




I bought a sheet of galvanized steel. I cut it into strips with a tool. I bent it with a coat hanger. To avoid drilling, I used self-tapping screws with a key drill 8 at the alignment point. The roof, in my opinion, successful. The only problem is when cutting strips. Significantly cheaper than buying hangers, 1mm thick.


Look at the L-shaped hangers from standard facade systems. I use them – one 1.2mm 90mm hanger. 

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