Is it necessary to insulate the ceiling?

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Making major repairs, a private house, ceilings 2.80 m, I want to do suspended ceilings of plasterboard, and not to lose heat by putting 50mm mineral wool. Is there a feasibility of it?



It is more reasonable to insulate the floor on the attic side

  •  The attic side is filled with slag, the house is 50 years old.

If you lower the level of the ceiling – yes, the heat will be at a different level, less cost for heating and heat storage. But are you happy with the lowered ceiling height? We're talking about a few dozen centimeters.

  • I plan to lower it by 10 cm. The main task of doing a suspended ceiling as the ceiling plaster lime uneven, so taking into account the height decided to level, and at the same time to insulate.

What is the ceiling made of? I would remove the slag and insulated with mineral wool. If the ceiling is wooden, you need to put a vapor barrier under the wool.

  • I will not remove the slag, all is dry, a layer of about 20 cm, 2 layers of board on 25, in general, there is nothing wrong. Just to use the space, and at the same time to insulate, I think the worse will not be, again, more economical will be heating. One fear was as if some kind of condensate did not accumulate there.
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