Do I need to additionally reinforce the system to install siding on a сlay сoncrete block house?

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Two-story house, expanded clay concrete blocks. A year ago I insulated with basalt wool 50+50. The first beam was mounted on dowel-nails format 8x120.

I plan to clad the house with metal siding and fiber cement siding in some places. The insulation itself hangs fine, but the subsystem in the full load there is kind of scary.

There are thoughts of transferring the load to the foundation (slab). Since there is no cornice, an idea to fix self-made carrying brackets (4-5 mm, in the form of booklets 150 to 150 with a mounting plate) to the foundation anchors, and they have already leaned on the subsystem. Well, as usual brackets on the length. The only downside – it is cutting plates of insulation (EPS) to mount the brackets.

Maybe there are more simple options?

  • I have a similar situation. Insulation basalt 5 + 5cm, hangers crocodiles 6 pcs. on the profile, the facade panels – metal siding ( eco-board). Since the layer of insulation is 10cm, the profiles will be attached to the very ends of hangers. I'm worried about the reliability of subsystems. Probably also the lower end of the profiles will be attached to the foundation …



It is necessary immediately on the wall to mount a straight hanger of 1.0 with a spacing of 600mm. On them to put insulation in two layers, with an offset of joints. Close the membrane. Mount vertically PP-profile 60 * 27 (better 0.7) and this subsystem to hang ANY siding.

About your scheme of strengthening: it should work, now there is still a scheme of hinged ventilated facade with the division of the brackets on the bearing / supporting, there is the same meaning: one bracket bears the vertical load, the rest – horizontal

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