What siding to choose? Which is better? Docker (Docke-r), Naillite or Mitten?

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Preliminarily settled on three types of siding for your home. Here's just can not understand which one is better quality, more reliable, does not fade, does not deform.

Basement siding:

1. Docke-R (Docker)

2. Naillite

3. Mitten

I want to do my whole house with siding from one company. Please give an advice, preferably reasoned.



After 6 years in the window (outside, sunny side) Nailite absolutely has not changed, not burned out even by half a tone and did not lose its shine. Such colorfastness as Nailite probably has no one else.


Mitten is more reliable, but 2.5 times more expensive. On the plinth Naillite is similar to Mitten good, but expensive.


No difference in principle. I've worked with all of them. Fade all especially on the sunny side. You should choose by parameters such as availability in stores near the building and the prevalence of color. The lighter the less noticeable that fades. So here it is purely on personal sympathies and economic opportunities. I can say from experience that more important here is quality installation. And so the more expensive siding, of course, the better but really very little.

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