What lathing to use for insulation and siding?

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I have a log house, 2 years old. I want to insulate it with rockwool 100mm (2x50) and then finish with siding.

The outline of the finishing plan is as follows:

1-bar/ 2-film vapor barrier/ 3-bar 50x50 dry vertical with spacing of 58 cm (width of insulation 60 cm)/ 4-Board 50x50 horizontally with spacing of 58 cm/ 5- roofing membrane/ 6-bars 40x30 vertically in 30-40 cm for fixing the siding.

Please, tell me if everything is correct.

And the use of wooden crates will not cause the pursuit of economy (compared to the metal system), followed by big problems?



To fix the siding as a crate is better to use the board 25 * 100, for the H-profile 25 * 150 and the same for the corners. In order to ensure that the screw hits the center of the mounting slot. 


For wooden battens use dry timber, not natural moisture. This is very important.


That's right. Exept you don't need a vapor barrier.

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