Is it possible to mount horizontal vinyl siding vertically?

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I'm struggling with my choice of siding. Vinyl siding is attractive because of its lightweight and affordable price, but I am discouraged by the overlapping strips or installation and the resulting barn-like appearance of the structure. Seen in pictures on the Internet a combination of siding horizontally and the same siding vertically, in my opinion, looks very aesthetically pleasing. But the question arises. How this combination is consistent with the technology? And whether it all eventually will go in waves from the temperature deformation?




In general, there is no direct prohibition on such installation. But there are a number of nuances that must be considered.

1. Vertical and horizontal installation must necessarily be separated, for example, J-profile. Otherwise, the water will get inside.

2. Some manufacturers have holes on the bottom of the panels for condensate drainage, and they will be visible if you install the panel vertically.

3. Ship beam and herringbone are not symmetrical profiles and may not turn out aesthetically.

As for warping. You can't over-tighten the screws and need to leave thermal gaps, and that again leads us to the J-profile at the bottom and top of the vertical "sticks", which will close those gaps


Hokla siding can be installed either horizontally or vertically.

Hokla siding can be installed without couplings and without any residue (the cut exposed siding is the beginning of the next line), allowing you to add elegance to your home and save money at the same time.

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