What is better – to use natural wood on the facade of the house or cement (metal, plastic) panels with wood texture?

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In the picture of the house, the places that are drawn in brown – should be removed from the facade (brick) at 20-25 cm. and covered with either natural wood, or something that looks like wood (cement slabs, etc.). Now the entire facade of the house is lined with hollow ceramic bricks – light yellow and brown (brown will be covered further with something "wood", as well as small places – where gray painted – stucco + stone)

Is there an advantage in using natural wood (eg, larch) or do you not need natural wood here (ie, what is optimal to use for durability?

There is also a 3rd option: to glue to the brick metal siding thickness of 20-25 cm, to plaster it, paint under the tree and draw horizontal lines (as an imitation of the joint between the boards) ... has such an idea the right to exist or will it be more durable compared to the wood or panels? 




 It is not only larch that changes color over time, but also other species and even thermal wood. There is no wood that is completely unaffected by natural factors. It's only polymer products if only. And then, I met a lot of people who complain that the products made of wood pulp behave badly, cracks, splinters, etc.

So of course, over time, the color tarnishes, becomes less pronounced. And the pristine color of wood preserves, depending on what it is coated with. It is better to cover with high-quality wood oils from foreign manufacturers (Germany, Italy). Such oil without renovation can withstand an average of 5 to 8 years, if you need specific brands of oil, I can also tell you.

Low-quality oil can manifest itself in one or two seasons, the quality product will last many times longer.

  • I see... But even once every 10 years you don't want to put down-dismantle scaffolding to renew the tree. We need to forget about this problem for 30 years. 
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    It seems to me that for 30 years to forget about the facade no material will not be allowed. Today I drove around the shops that offer facades for wood. I did not like it. Returned again to the idea of a board of larch, but immediately painted in factory conditions.

I recommend the UHPC (Ultra High Performance Concrete) board. Read what it is here.

Parameters: - compressive strength 100 MPa, flexural strength 20 MPa, frost resistance F800, watertightness W24, water absorption 0,5% on mass, abrasion 0,1 mg/cm2, non-combustible (NG).

In some respects surpasses granite.

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