How to level the protective reinforced layer of Ceresite?

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Last year in May I hired a contractor to install a Ceresite facade system. Agreed to do it in 1 month. Four months later I wonder why the reinforced layer is so uneven? Will the wall be uneven later? And he said: then the final layer is still smoothed, it is thick and with a pattern and will be so flat that it is not noticeable. As a result, they made me 2 walls and the same strips, hillocks and humps blossomed with renewed vigor. I stopped them and unpainted walls with the level to climb, and there are even worse differences of 1.5 cm. at 30cm. but these walls are already primed in 1.5 layers and rustic features stuck on them. Under the decorative finishing ready, the contractor, taking the advance payment went to prepare for the redo and disappeared.

Now another contractor said to buy 10 bags of Cerezite ST190 and he will go on top of the primer-renovate-leveling in 2 layers, primed and you can apply a decorative layer.

Please advise if we are going to do everything right. Won't such a sandwich system fall off/flake off?




Level the hollows can be, but only with the use of mesh, reinforcing compounds are not Rothband to stretch layers! And stupid and useless work, if the original shoddy glued insulation, then no matter how much you pull, and the result will be the same, a crooked facade.

This is another issue, judging by photo, the boards do not have T-linkage. And on the plinth, the EPS is used! What other mistakes were made, you probably do not know


Gluing technology is broken, you need to call the object manager for inspection and detection of defects in the facade. Only then continue the work.

  • The manager was on the object. He looked at everything as far as he could. Gave recommendations on how to fix it. But the most important thing is that when he saw the plaster Ceresit ST64 said that it can not be used. It can swell in a couple of years. It was decided to leave the two finished walls as is and the remaining walls to level and make a normal decorative plas
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