How do I fix decorative stucco that has become stained on an EIFS facade?

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I have ruined 2 out of 4 walls by improperly applying decorative stucco. The pie itself (insulation, mesh, stucco and primer) is done in good faith, but the proper application turned out to be a mess, the builders thought they could do it, but they couldn't. Decorative plaster Ceresit CT74, pebble, fraction 1.5, tinted.

Called two different companies to calculate adjustments and here is the result:

First company – plaster over mottled with mesh, prime and re-apply decorative plaster.

The second company – remove mottled plaster (like sanding) re-plaster without mesh, primer and re-apply graffiti. Which way should I go?

P.S. The cost is about the same for both, in terms of time, the first 1 week, the second 1 month.



The right option #1. Only correct formulation is "installation of base coat" and finish coat.

Option #2 is very risky, could damage the base coat.

Do you have to mount it? It's only a "visual" component, and technologically nothing is broken, you can leave it and avoid unnecessary costs.

  • I thought about this option too, but was confused by the thickness of the layer that would end up. I'll have to fix it, because the technology of application and application time were violated (made with stops).

Applying plaster on top seems strange. The more alternating layers of different strengths, the less reliable the system is. But there is such a way in the repair system.

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