Is it worth it to cover the house with LATONIT siding panel?

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I've been thinking for a long time about what to trim my block house with. I don't want plastic siding, the rest is expensive.

I like fiber cement siding, but Cedral is a little expensive. I am looking at siding Latonit 8 mm.

Who has experience with Latonite? How does it hold up?



I have installed 1.22*2.44 Latonit boards. I won't be doing any more. The reason is the brittleness of the material, half of the installed boards are breaking off the outside corners. Normal fiber cement has no problems in similar conditions. I note that my review is not about the panels as a type of finish, but about latonite as a material for the panels. 


It's not really much cheaper. I would go with Cedral.


I have good experience. We installed Latonit three years ago. So far everything is standing with no problems. And the layout was pretty complicated. Long narrow strips.

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