Is it possible to cover the facade with gypsum board?

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I have an idea to cover the front of the house with moisture-resistant gypsum board, then cover it with textured plaster and paint. Please advise if it is possible to do so?

I don't like the siding and batten options.

P.S. House frame 10 * 12 with a loft.



You can do the facade of moisture-resistant plasterboard in two layers, putty joints silicon-based putty, then attach the facade of the grid, such as serpianka, and make on this grid facade plaster (cement-based!) thin layer 3-4 mm, then make protective-decorative coating of paint on silicone basis in two layers. I think that in your case it is still advisable to apply OSB sheet instead of moisture-resistant gypsum board.

If I understood correctly, you have a frame house, in this case inside the wall there is already insulation of 100 to 200 mm thick, and the outer panel of moisture-resistant plywood or OSB, at the joints between the boards should be a technological gap of 5-10 mm, already filled with silicone putty, then you only need to fix the mesh and you can plaster and paint in any color and combine with stone finishing, etc.


For exterior use KNAUF sells and recommends AquaPanels...

And they are available for both indoor and outdoor use, about the plasterboard on the facade in the recommendations of the manufacturer said nothing.

103_3 If the price is not an issue: choose Knauf aquaPanels for the facade or similar panels from other manufacturers, but only for outside work.

As an option: fasten the foam and on it a special putty + mesh + surface putty. That is, according to existing technologies Knauf, Cerezit or similar manufacturers.

Magnesite board tempting option, but this is a fairly new material, as it behaves over time, I do not know.

Of the facade materials siding wooden or plastic.

I like the wood siding, although it requires constant maintenance.

I myself plan to use plastic siding, because at a height of 6 meters I paint at least once every 3-4 years.

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