How to protect your front door from damage during construction?

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Is there a good way to protect the front door from dirt and damage during the construction phase? Or is the rule of thumb here that it should be installed as late as possible?



In our case, the door was installed right away. Everything was either covered in foil or wrapped in bubble wrap. We put painter's tape on the edges, which we thought were too unprotected. 


We had the frame installed, protected by tape, the handle is also in place, but protected by tape. The fill is missing and replaced with a wood panel. 


In our case, the last front door was installed shortly before the house was handed over. The frame, of course, had been installed earlier, but about 2 weeks before the house was handed over there was only a board with hinges and a lock as the door leaf. It was protected with thick blankets for the last few weeks.

I wouldn't install it too soon. You are bound to get scratches!


Protect the front and back with corrugated cardboard and wrap the edges with foil.


After talking to our window manufacturer, he just brought us the packaging for the front door. So just ask the window manufacturer.

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