What to reinforce the beam under the ceiling in a single-story house?

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I need to pour a beam under the ceiling, 5 m long. The middle of the beam rests on the column, the edges on the central partition. Diameter of reinforced concrete column – 0.3 m. The diameter of the beam is the same. What reinforcement to provide for the column and for the beam? The house is one-storey, the foundation is pile and beam, the walls are gas concrete. 



The most important thing for the assignment of reinforcement: what load acts from above, grade of concrete, geometric dimensions of structures. It is not clear what is the roof and what are the dimensions of the cargo area.

And the size of beams and columns are taken according to calculations, and not set. Another beam must not rest on the partition walls, but on the load-bearing walls, the material and thickness of which depend on the load. Beam resting points on the column and walls must also be designed. Usually, before the construction of frame structures make a project according to the calculations, otherwise there may be a collapse. But the initial data for the calculation is incomplete.

  • Roofing – metal profile area – 100 m. sq. km. Central – it is the same load-bearing wall. The dimensions of the column and beam are given in the project. Everything in this project is good and fine, but nothing is said about the reinforcement of these two structures.
  • Most likely the design was done by an architect. He is not responsible for the structures. And the calculation of the frame is a very responsible thing. It is unlikely that someone on the site will take responsibility to perform the structural part of the project. You need to apply officially to the professionals. Sorry if I unwittingly gave hope for a solution to your problem. If someone gives you a reinforcement without a complete project of the house, do not believe it.

In order to pour the beam and accordingly reinforce it, you need the following. Look at the project, which is available in your hands. It shows the dimensions, that is the height, width and length of the structure. The next step, it is to know the height to which you have already made the walls. They should be adjusted to the correct height, that is, under the beam. Next, we take the boards of the right size for us. This means that the bottom board should be slightly wider than the base of the beam, about three centimeters on each side. Next, this very board should be supported with spacers, so that when the concrete is poured, it will not be pressed down. Then put the side boards and also, as well as the bottom board a little higher than the given height of the beam. After fixing all the boards, we'll put the frame, consisting of 10-mm-thick rebar, inside the structure. The frame itself is tied to the column, on top of which should be released the same rebar. Tie them together with binding wire. Once the frame and the issues are tied into a single whole, we'll use the side boards to measure the height of our beams. After all this, proceed directly to the very pouring of the beam with concrete. Concrete grade for filling take m100.

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