Advise reliable basement doors with a high level of protection against burglary

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We would like to install new solid doors (e.g. steel) in the basement rooms.

Fire doors are easy to break through, so no real protection.

What we are looking for

— simple, but extremely safe intermediate doors for the interior

— Also, an exterior basement door – which must be incredibly secure.

It should be quasi predominantly for burglary protection or against intrusion into or inside the house.

— thermal insulation etc. not required

— galvanized / corrosion protection is enough

— Who builds simple but heavy solid steel doors?

Since we have already had uninvited guests, it should be as massive as possible.

Also, the finances should not get out of hand. So very simple, but incredibly massive doors (e.g. high sheet thickness, hardened).

Who can help us there?



Although it sounds a bit unusual, a good burglary protection is a heavy roller shutter in front of the door. A lowered roller shutter is harder to overcome than it sounds. Even more so, such a sheet metal or aluminum roller shutter makes quite a racket when it is worked.

Behind the shutter, I would then provide a cheap side entrance door with multi-point locking. Can also be plastic, it depends on the fitting.

Every obstacle is overcome at some point, but usually the burglars lose motivation if it is not fast enough.


Well, it sounds like an expensive safe door that you want to have.

Furthermore, the thickness of the sheet metal is not the deciding factor, the frame and the latches are more crucial there.

What also works is that you take a standard cellar door and install two additional armored bolts on it. Is then of course something annoying to unlock but the good feeling of security sets in. There are these bolts with lock openings also to the outside, the burglar sees them and goes to the neighbor...

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