Why has the siding on the house warped?

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In the pictures provided, you can see that the siding has gone up. I noticed that this happened after the frost (reached -30 Celsius for a week). The house is residential, heated by a boiler (there are radiators). The siding is not swollen, namely raised (it is clearly visible in the photo), and not everywhere, but only on a few windows.

The house is part brick and part block. Inside the house, there are no new changes to the walls. What is it: siding or something with the wall?




The reason is that a stone skirt around the base has risen, it was resting against the basement siding, raising the entire plinth group, the sill has jumped up, and the movement created stress in the lower part of the facade of siding and everything is deformed

  •  What should I do now? Is this normal?
  • Until the ground thaws – you can only remove the plinth: then everything should sink back down. But otherwise – read about the insulation of the footing, drainage and other "anti-sinking" measures.
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