How to repair the floor of an open balcony and the facade of the house underneath it?

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We have a small private house. The balcony was tiled when it was built – the floor and the end. Immediately it was noticeable that during the rain under the tiles of the water, but now the problem is obvious: the tiles from the end of the balcony just all fell off. It had fallen from the second floor and shattered into small sharp pieces, posing a serious danger to everyone, especially children. The water destroyed the plaster and paint on the lower part of the balcony and also dripped onto the second floor façade above the central window. The view from the balcony is now deplorable. Please advise how to fix this. I am very much asking for expert advice on how to fix the situation, not a general lecture. And, if you can, about the possible costs in time and money.




Remove all the tiles, plaster the face. Be sure to make trays underneath so water doesn't flow under the balcony.

  • I understand that the tiles can only be removed from the end if trays are installed underneath. The floor of the balcony can not be touched or the floor must also be removed and do additional waterproofing on the balcony floor and lay new tiles with a slight slope to the edge?

First of all you need to understand HOW the water penetrates under the tiles (on the balcony or just from the end). Then fix the problem.

You may have to do: Removing the entire balcony covering/ Waterproofing  / installing the flooring (with a slope)/  organising the moisture drainage from the balcony.

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