Can the aluminum facade be riveted?

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There is a task of riveting threaded rivets to the aluminum frame to fasten the accessories. The plan was to use regular steel rivets. This is the decision of the site engineer. Went to buy rivets, and the salesman at the company recommended stainless steel rivets, which cost 5 times as much, otherwise there will be a reaction and the joint will collapse.

How quickly is the destruction of such joints? It is worth noting that all this is done in the room (office) without exposure to moisture or other adverse factors.

  • Theoretically, there will be a galvano-pair.



Nothing will happen. Profile aluminum alloy is quite corrosion-resistant.

Rivet with ease, if you want to be completely calm, buy a car epoxy primer, dip the rivet in it and put it on.


For a dry room, this is all purely of academic interest.

For the formation of a potential between aluminum and steel, you need an electrolyte, water, but you have a dry room.

Stainless steel has one advantage in this case – you'll be sure that you can't do better than that and all that. And that's the key to a healthy sleep, which is also important.

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