What glue to use for the joints of chipboard countertops?

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Please advise the ideal glue or sealant, in your opinion, for a quality connection of the countertop? Tabletop milled with rafters for ties.

Some advise automobile sealant, others a simple construction mc-polymer. Others suggest some kind of D4 glue. What should I choose to make it airtight? 




Quality silicone sealant? I had an aluminum bar included, I fanatically put silicone on it, and it's been going great for years.


Absolutely airtight anyway will not be, the top layer is too thin. Particle board is a budget item, and you have to put up with it.


Regular sanitary silicone in the color of the countertop. Dab all the way in and pull on the countertop ties.

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