Is it worth to install the oven with built-in microwave?

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I know that a microwave built into the oven is functional and that, for example, the combination of oven and microwave has time advantages, but I was wondering if this built in version could really compare to a separate microwave in everyday life (space advantages aside; there would be plenty of room)? I mean just a quick cup of milk to heat up, for example, or a quick dinner in the evening. Do you have to take the trays out beforehand, or does it work as a separate micro (open, put it in, turn it on, done)? Is it possible to find a small milk cup in a relatively large oven after reheating? Etc. etc. etc.

I'd be interested in hearing about your experiences in everyday life and whether you would choose a combo appliance again.



I've had one of these, now second generation, for over 25 years. The standard rack is always in the oven, and in my combo oven, it also fits in the microwave. So, open the door, put the food in, turn it on, done.


We've also had a combi for over 20 years.

Most of the time (85%) we use a combi. Trays, etc. can stay inside. We only use the large oven for cooking large amounts of food and as a steam oven. To make up for the height difference, we ordered a warming drawer. I never thought we would use this drawer so often!


It works great, and you definitely don't need a separate microwave anymore. We also heat a lot of little things with it: Baby food, milk bottles, etc. I've also left the tray inside a few times. Nothing happened.


Individual appliances are times cheaper, and if you have the question of heating a glass of milk, definitely get the non combo option. A combi is always a compromise.

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