How do I repair a stucco facade on my house?

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I bought a house with a stucco facade. The house has been standing long enough, there are traces of dirt, in some places the plaster is cracked, in some places there are holes from fixing the old porch.

The plan is as follows:

1. Clean the facade with cleaners and Kercher. Can you advise which is better to use?

2. Choose the same plaster by texture and plaster the problem areas (cracks, chips, holes from dowels, etc.). How to properly apply it to repair the facade?

And most importantly: primer and paint the old beige plaster on the facade of a light gray color. The concern is that it is quite rough in texture. Will a roller do the job? What kind of paint is better to paint with? What kind of primer to use?




Wash with the same cleaner you use for non-contact cars, just half the concentration.

Paint with a facade paint and a paint roller with a large pile. And if you can find a spray gun, it would be great.

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