Is it worth doing a roof liner of plastic?

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We are building a house with a roof overhang of 50 cm all around. Our roof linings are made of wood as standard. My fear is that in 10 years they will look completely shabby from the weather in 10 years.

The construction company wants an extra $2,300 for plastic linings.

Is that justified? I would think plastic should be cheaper than wood anyway?

  • I didn't have to pay extra for plastic from my contractor.
  • We don't have to pay extra for the plastic roof liner, color white. We will have to pay about $800 for the anthracite color.
  • For us, plastic was also included in the basic fee.
  • In white at no extra charge. The anthracite is about $300-$500 more expensive.



We were recommended plastic. However, we decided

to leave the roof overhangs "intentionally untreated" and exposed.

"Plastic can also yellow after a few years of use. Then you can paint just as lightly or just as intensely.


Plastic white overhang 50 cm $300

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