How to insulate the roller blinds?

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In our case, the construction manager and experts do not agree on how and whether to insulate the roller skirting boards.

We have brickwork without ETICS. According to the site manager, the APU strip is still to be installed on the outside, but there is no insulation behind it up to the actual window, i.e. the area of the roller blind strip.

What do you think?

  • The construction manager said he could have foam sprayed on the back and then put the APU strip on it. Is that then what?
  • As long as the foam is approved according to RAL assembly and it does not come into contact with the sun unless it is suitable for this, yes. But that would be just to ease your conscience. A certain insulating effect he has it will probably but in the end not make much difference.
  • The expert must actually know ... What are the respective reasons and arguments? What would be without shutters? ;)



According to RAL, the roller shutter guide rail does not need to be insulated. But it does no harm. Important here is also that it is diffusion-open to the outside and diffusion-close to the inside.

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