How to clean the facing masonry from the masonry mortar?

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While laying masonry, despite the fact that the brick was wet that day, there was a heavy slanting rain at night, and the next morning we saw such a picture – washed ~ 1 cm p-ras from the top almost to the bottom of this mortar in the fresh masonry. Tried to wash out with acetic acid (+ water washed, soapy water washed), bought a special agent to remove the cement. The effect is almost absent. Also tried vegetable oil – helps, but the color of the masonry becomes different, but the entire facade is smeared because of this – not an option. Exacerbates the fact that the brick is embossed, it is difficult to wash it in the cracks. As a result, after various rinses left a whitish masonry. I hope someone can tell me what other options are available. Really want to fix the face of the facade.



Violation of the installation rules!

It is necessary to cover the façade for the duration of the finished work.

Products do NOT work in terms of getting the coating "as it was". Especially acids that affect the brick/clinker itself (not in a good way).

You have two options:

— get used to

— dismantle and install again. 

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