Can I glue plastic decorative profiles on the window after installation?

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We want our house to look like a country house, so we are also considering the idea of adding vertical laths (decorative profiles) to the plastic windows. But since we're not sure, we'd rather order the windows without them and see how it would look. If they are too easy for us, we would like the decorative profiles added later.

Would that be possible? Will the window hold up? Or would it be better to glue it in at the factory?

  • Well, I would only use the inner grid. It's much easier to keep clean.
  • Personally, I would use ONLY interior ones, I would be too lazy to constantly clean every corner. I once read on a home building blog that they put self-adhesive window bars on later.
  • It's not about the window bars. They're definitely already there. It's about the decorative profiles/elements (also called capitals) that are glued to the vertical window slats. 
  • Ah, okay. I had never heard of this before. 



The capitals can definitely be applied subsequently. They are also applied by the window manufacturer. However, there is a difference whether this is done in a workshop or in the installed state in your house. The window profile is degreased with PVC cleaner or the surface is slightly removed and the capital is glued on. This is much faster in the workshop than at the construction site, i.e. it will certainly be much more expensive. If in doubt, ask your window manufacturer if this will be more expensive, and if so, how much.


Here is some more feedback. We have put the capitals (decorative profiles) attached right away and like it very much.

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