What disadvantages can be found in metal siding?

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I am interested in metal siding under the beam. It is clear that the sellers only listed positive aspects.

But are there any negatives? By the way, who has used it in real life and has photos of live objects?



 It's iron and that says it all – all the advantages and disadvantages follow from here.

If you attach it to the metal rails – at different temperatures – the whole frame is visible on the surface of the siding – in these places condensation does not fall out. In the fall and spring – thickly covered with dew – and the water flows in trickles at times.

Scratched as any painted metal, to cut a grinder because of the ribs is not convenient, scissors – do not want. Nothing you can not hang on it heavy – screws fall out. If you knock – there will be a dent that can not be removed.


 I clad the outhouse myself. Yes, if you hit it there will be a dent, but not a hole like vinyl, I think this is a plus.

I had one disadvantage, I bought ivory, I washed it 5 times over the summer with a rag. Flies contaminate. (I wash the car less often). The rest of the house will be clad in darker color. It's not going to be very pretty, but it will be practical. 

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