Is metal siding harmful to health?

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After cladding the house with siding, won't you get a shielding effect (like in a microwave oven)? Due to the fact that nowadays a lot of electrical appliances emit various bad waves.

Maybe there are some other harmful effects from the metal siding itself or as a result of the house cladding?



Metal is not good! Even with a solid profiled sheet fence, there is sound vibration in the wind, which is bad for the human body and the surrounding flora and fauna. And about the house, lined with metal (enclosed space 60-80%) all the more so. I will not talk about electromagnetic vibrations, but sound vibrations, FACT! The reflected sound wave (vibration) should be absorbed by the wall material, not resonate and kill the nervous system of all life. Sound waves (vibrations) are a serious problem in residential construction.


In my experience of being in a house clad in metal siding, no shielding is noticeable there: cell phones and indoor TV antennas work, and I strongly suspect it's the windows, which are in every room.

By the way, stone walls are also quite good at shielding, reflecting radio waves, but for some reason these questions are not asked.


I have a house with metal siding. The quality of communication is the same as it was. I don't see any loss. The housing is fine. My child gets A's in school. Conclusion – metal siding is not harmful.


Why do you think shielding is bad! Shielding of what occurs in a volume surrounded by metal?

In the case of a room lined with metal, there is certainly shielding of the inside of the room from outside radio waves. That is, radio signals from radio and TV stations, cellular stations, signals from various special services, etc. are less likely to penetrate inside. This is observed, as you say, in stores clad with metal siding.

But a similar effect, as mentioned above, occurs in homes made of any material. Somewhere more, somewhere less.

So it is not the shielding that you have to fear, but the lack of it.


Nowadays, when all sorts of radiation coming from everywhere in many different bands, and some people even make hats out of foil, and immediately on both heads, shielded house, clad with metal (durable, does not require frequent maintenance as wood, not stink like vinyl siding in the sun) gives only one advantage!

By the way the bedroom is better to make a super insulated from everything: noise, radiation, equipped with better ventilation and wellness is a good dream and the conditions for it are important for the recovery and health of man!

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