How to combine facade panels and siding?

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Tape foundation stands out from the plane of the wall at 5cm, and there will be an OSB and ventilation gap, so you can bring everything to one level from ground to roof. Option of finishing entirely with siding from the ground, choosing the color of the bottom panels like a stone or darker, I do not like. I think the bottom to let the facade panel in a row under the stone, the width of the panel 420mm.

How to connect it to the siding, so it was beautiful?

How to properly finish the installation of siding on top if the whole panel does not fit?

How will the metal front door be installed if the platband has its own, and there is a vent gap between the wall and the siding and how will the siding go under the door?

Can anyone else suggest options for finishing the basement at the same level as the wall, followed by the siding.



As an option, make a sill under the bottom panel.


Try to fix the starter strip for siding directly on the ledge with slots that fasten the plastic panel.

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