How to remove the protective film from the front door? It stubbornly refuses to come off

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Perhaps some of you have experienced the same problem or have a solution. The protective film was unfortunately a little too long on my front door, so the remnants in the photo are unfortunately very stubbornly peeling off. The hair dryer was not successful. In places I tried to remove the film with duct tape, but that only works moderately on miniature pieces.

  • Do you have to do this?Is it a front door replacement? If it's new construction with GC, a carpenter should do it, or a cleaning company.



Try Atou label/foil remover.

You have to use chemicals. But I would test it first and test it in one place so the shiny part doesn't fade.


I would try cleaning with oil before using label solvent. Many adhesives are soluble in grease. If that doesn't help either, you can use methyl alcohol (but be careful of the surface!) and only then chemical


I have good experience with orange oil based cleaners. Just be a little careful, try it gently on one area first and dilute it if necessary.

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