Can a kitchen countertop and floor tile be made of the same material – porcelain stoneware?

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We are considering in our open living room on the first floor

a) porcelain stoneware XXL 1 x 1 m or 1,2 x 1,2 m

and of the same material also

(b) Install a kitchen countertop.

Have any of you ever installed something like this?



We had a homemade tile table. Yes, epoxy glue or something similar. That was a long time ago. Wider and smaller tiles were relevant back then. The glue was acid resistant, like chemical labs.


An acquaintance of mine did this. The countertop was made from the same floor tiles. The tiles were glued together (I think with epoxy glue) under the press. So you can only see a small line in the middle of the glued tiles.


 I too think some variety is good and would not choose the same floor and countertop. Ceramic or quartz composite would be my first choice, then solid wood.


Why don't you just use Dekton as a countertop? It has better properties and has different types of concrete. I don't understand why the floor and countertop have to be the same.

  • ... And is one of the most expensive countertop options imaginable.
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