How do you remove cured tile adhesive?

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We removed the tiles from the floor. All that's left is the tile adhesive (see pictures). I can't get very far with a 7 cm wide chisel because the glue is very stubborn and won't come off. The glue is about 3-4 mm high and spreads over an area of 70 square meters. After that, 60 square meters of parquet and 8 square meters of tiles need to be glued.

What would you recommend? 




Exactly – sand and vacuum very well while doing so. As a side note, old tile adhesive can sometimes contain asbestos.


I removed the glue with an angle grinder and sanding cup. This was a bit of work, but worked well and it cost a fraction of the rental.


Try Multitool first, then Hilti.

  • Look at Hilti, Festool, Makita for concrete grinders. Present sanding wheels for glue, epoxy, etc.

Sanding is best. There are discs (similar to concrete sanding discs) for this kind of work.

Hire a proper machine for the surface treatment and don't forget the extractor.


For processing corners, it is best to use a powerful angle grinder with a 115 or 125 mm cup disc and dust extraction.


I would try it first with a Hilti and the right attachment. A wide angle scraper! That's exactly what it's for.

Sanding is certainly possible, but it generates a lot of dirt.


Look for a single disc corundum disc sander or a 1 or 2 disc diamond block sander for rent.

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