Is it possible to make a frame of 20x20 angle with a thickness of 2 mm for a fence made of corrugated board?

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I have a plot of land, 100 meters around the band screed, from which the poles stick out at 120 cm at a distance of 3 meters from each other. To the posts I want to weld angles 2 mm 20x20, from them to do the same crossbar, so that it was possible to insert the profiled sheet 2 m (to the top and bottom of the sheet screwed into the corner (like a frame in the picture)) and another crossbar in the center. Will it work or will the angle 20x20 be weak?

There are severe financial constraints, so the desire to make the cheapest possible, even to the detriment of beauty.



The fence made of corrugated sheet has a large sail, so that the fence will stand up to significant wind loads, the framework must be strong. Angle 200 wall thickness is not enough for that. You need at least this corner 40x40 with wall thickness of 4 mm or more. We are talking about cross bars (i.e. horizontal cross bars, they are also beams).

Then again, because of the high sailing, the distance between the supports (poles) should be two, 2.5 meters, not three as you have. Therefore we can conclude that from your corner of the fence you can not do corrugated sheet fence and the strip foundation is already poured and the columns are installed.

Way out of the situation as follows:

Instead of using a 20x20 angle tube to use a profile pipe section 40x20, in this case, the wall thickness of 2 mm is quite acceptable.

Or instead of a corner to use dry timber with antiseptic impregnation. Or on the same pillars make a temporary fence, not a permanent, for example, a fence of the grid. After you get stronger financially, buy the necessary angle tube..

  • Since the publication of the situation has changed slightly, please tell me. Also ribbon screed, the same posts, only they are 2 meters apart, can I use a profiled pipe 25x25 to install the profiled sheet. I have done one part of the fence, it looks safe. 
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    Of course, a 25x25 profile tube is better than a 20x20 angle tube, and 2 m distance between the posts is better than 3 m distance. But you also need to consider the height of the fence and the thickness of the walls of the same profile pipe and the number of crosspieces (horizontal) I would advise to take a rectangular profile pipe (20x40, 25x40, etc.), rather than a square.
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