Is there a need for wind and vapor barriers in a frame house?

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The house is a frame house. The OSB boards are sewn directly to the frame of the house without a ventilation gap, and there is a membrane under the OSB boards. I am planning on cladding the house with vinyl siding using joist framing. Can you tell me if I need another vapor barrier on top?

If I leave the walls sheathed with vapor barrier and beam over the winter will not affect the beam? Will there be no mold under it? What kind of good vapour barrier should I choose?



No need for additional film. It is enough to treat the timber.


The outside of the house should not be a vapor barrier, and waterproofing membrane, most likely under the OSB you have it, if not, it can lead to problems.

You don't need a second membrane, use dry-treated lumber for the ventilated facade.

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