What are the nuances of cladding a house profiled sheeting?

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There is a frame house made of timber. I want to cover the outside of the corrugated boarding, and the inside of the OSB. The question: what kind of insulation to put between them? Mineral wool or polystyrene? Is it necessary somewhere else to lay a membrane?



Metal siding looks nice. Facing elements can be taken in a different color (looks cooler). Inside the OSB cladding I would not, because the microclimate of natural wood in my opinion has a more pleasant smell of plywood. Insulation with any material – if only there was a vent gap, because the metal freezes through and on the inside of his condensate is formed, so if the insulation will be close to the outer metal trim – it will get wet.


 I'm against OSB inside the house, too. I'd rather have water-resistant drywall. And the pie from the room to the outside:

1. Drywall (I prefer Gyproc)

2. Vapor barrier

3. Mineral wool (basalt is best).

4. Windproofing membrane

5. A ventilation gap

6. Corrugated board

About corrugated board. It looks as good as siding, especially from a distance. You can play around with color by using it as well.

Comparison with metal siding.

The advantages – it is easier to install, cheaper.

Disadvantages – perhaps it can be noted that the siding itself ventilates, corrugated board requires the organization of additional clearances.

Well, but the vinyl siding is lightweight, lower requirements for the suspension system. It is easier to install and repair. Cheaper. Disadvantages – burns out, fragile, especially in frost, less fire-resistant

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