Need tips on repairing a frame house with drywall trim

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The house-frame concrete, exterior finish – mineral board, plasterboard on profiles, decorative plaster with painting.

Almost 10 years have passed, on three sides and especially on the sunny side gypsum plasterboard in some places cracked and comes off the paint.

If you remove the plasterboard, what is better to finish the entire facade of the house without removing the profile?

Or is it better to dismantle the entire plasterboard with profiles, to insulate with EPS, to stretch the reinforcement mesh and apply new plaster?



The ideal option is to dismantle all the drywall with profiles, insulate the EPS, pull the reinforcement mesh and apply new plaster.

A simpler option is to remove the plasterboard, check the condition of the rockwool. If the rock wool is okay, then cover with AquaPanels.

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