A carport or a garage, what makes more sense?

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I am currently planning to build a carport out of solid brick on a new building. Initially, I decided against a garage door because a carport seems simpler to me. You can just drive in and out without having to open the gate. Since I won't be storing anything of value in the garage, I didn't see the point of a garage door. The charging station in the garage can be turned on and off in the house, so abuse is not possible.

What do you think? Are there valid arguments for garage doors that I've overlooked?



If it's more suited to your user behavior, then do it as a carport.

But I would pre-plan the opening so that a garage door could go in.


If you are on vacation or on the road with your car, the burglar will immediately see that the carport is empty. A closed garage door at least leaves the risk that a car might be there.


Where will the carport be located? Are the usual 5m parking spaces in front of a possible garage respected?

If you are only interested in easy entry and exit, then install a remote-controlled electric garage door. It works great.


A garage is better because an enclosed garage has ventilation, moisture escapes worse. 


Personally, I always prefer a garage to a carport. Especially if it is going to be bricked up anyway, I would also install a gate.

You can also store other things in the garage and no one can steal them. Or you can put bikes inside so they can't be stolen.

But in the end, only you know what you want. Either way, I would build it so that you could easily install a door later if at some point you realize a door would be better.


If at all possible, I would always build an enclosed garage. This allows you to get storage space for car accessories, bikes, garden tools, Christmas decorations, suitcases, etc. if you don't have room in the house. You can set up a small workshop.... The car is more protected (moisture is not a problem in a well-built garage), especially in the winter, you save on window wiping.

  • Good considerations, but they have been addressed: there is a garden shed for tools and bikes separately. The storage/workshop is in the house.
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