What material to choose for a kitchen backsplash?

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We are using a granite slab with a 2 cm high wiping strip. Above the wipe-down strip is a Q2 wall, and we want to use a kitchen backsplash with a motif to protect the wall from contamination. It is important to note that the kitchen backsplash should be easy to clean, for example, splashes of grease can simply be wiped off. 

What material can you recommend for this back wall? We thought of self-adhesive patterned film.



We cut the tinted glass to size. You could also place the pattern on the wall and put clear glass in front of it.

  • The problem with the glass is that you have to make cutouts for multiple sockets.
  • It can be done, no problem.
  • So would you recommend glass anyway? Then the cutouts have to be accurately measured – redoing is impossible.
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    Yes, glass measured and clean cut is a good option. Depending on what sockets you use, you have some tolerance because of the cover, and you may choose to cut a few mm more. Something we also considered, but then discarded because of the cost, is marble plaster. It's durable, applies very smoothly, and is perfectly pigmented.

Granite slab and self-adhesive tape on the wall .... I don't think it goes together.

In any case, when choosing a pattern, you should also always consider whether these are really patterns that you will like in the long run.

A good material to work with might be the back wall material in the niche offered by the kitchen manufacturer. Socket cutouts and window adjustments can be made easily. For example, you can stay within the color scheme of the front. And then decorate the space where there are no wall cabinets with accessories and pictures.

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