How do you connect laminate to a baseboard channel?

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Unfortunately, I have a baseboard duct in an old building that is glued to the PVC floor with silicone. There is also wallpaper on the wall. Laying the laminate almost directly on top of it and silicone probably doesn't make sense, does it?

Is there some sort of adhesive ledge that can be glued to the baseboard channel? What can I do there easily and without fuss?



I have a room where the baseboard runs along three of the four walls. So for the last row, there is no choice but to go in front of it. The baseboards in a quarter circle serve as a nice finish. I glued them to the baseboard channels with double-sided tape. 


Not a perfect solution, but quick and easy – lay the floor with a little distance to the base channel and then glue a small quarter rod on top as a finish.

You can find it at any hardware store.

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