Why did the painting fleece start to fall off the ceiling?

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We have purchased painting fleece with a density of 130g/m2. Masters glued it to the putty/primed ceiling made of plasterboard. In some places and at some joints this material comes off. What could be the problem?

There are no drafts in the room, the temperature is +23 degrees Celsius.



It is difficult to work with 130 gauge fleece, the best is 110. The problem is that either they made the glue too liquid, or poorly smeared glue. More problems I do not see, but of course if the workers before painting the ceiling primed fleece, it can all come off! I repeat, when working with a 130 density fleece, the glue should not be too liquid, and glue on the substrate should be enough!


The fleece should not be smeared with glue! What glue did you use?

Buy fleece 110-th density, no more! Dab only the ceiling, the glue dilute strictly according to the recommendations on the pack. If the room is long, say 5 meters, then smear abundant glue ceiling along the length of 2 times, glue fleece to the center of the room, 2.5 meters, and if necessary, once again smear the remaining 2.5 meters and glue on. The air under the lick remove accurately ordinary steel spatula, (look at the edge of the spatula that not bent on the lick) and no rollers or plastic spatulas.

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