How to renovate the ceiling without too much effort?

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The apartment is in an apartment building. The ceiling was covered with plaster a long time ago, which over time in some places cracked or darkened slightly. We decided to update the ceiling before repairing the walls and floor.

The apartment will be for rent. The forces and money to invest heavily in the repair is not.  In my opinion the easiest – plasterboard. Nothing to rip off, just close the old ceiling – the new one. But I do not want to lose a lot of space in height, so how to fix it to the ceiling? I've looked everywhere, they're doing a suspended profile, which takes up a lot of space.

Do I have to use a metal profile, or can slats of wood make a formwork and screw it to the plasterboard? Or screws will not hold? Or other reasons? Can the gypsum plaster joints just putty the joints and paint or do I have to putty the whole thing before painting? Can any other options be budget and not too time-consuming? Is it worth stripping everything and bluntly painting the concrete in 2-3 layers of quality paint?



If the design is not very demanding-grind to the concrete, if necessary, smooth out with putty and paint. This is probably the easiest way. It's not hard to scrape with a scraper. It cleans up pretty quick. Paint with a sprayer or even a roller.


It's cheaper to make a stretch ceiling than drywall.

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