Is it possible to make a ceiling of EPS in the pool?

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In the pool I plan to make the ceiling with projections. I do not want to do them with moisture-resistant gypsum boards, I found information that in a few years it will swell, better to do with aqua panels. After reading a little bit about them, I realized that this is something like EPS.

Question, can you do it with EPS, or do they still have other properties?




You misunderstood. Aquapanel has nothing to do with EPS.

  • Well, wouldn't EPS work? Isn't it also impermeable to moisture, stronger than gypsum, etc.?
  • Do you understand that EPS is polystyrene foam?
  • @JochemBusscher Yes, extruded. I ask these questions, because I met the information that in the hammams, people do lay off EPS. Why not the ceilings? The main purpose is that it would not absorb moisture and as I understand it has this property EPS!
  • Hamams are made with EPS for the purpose of thermal insulation. In the case of the ceiling, further processing is more difficult, the probability of cracking is 99%
  • There are cheaper alternatives for the ceiling in the pool room, so that in a couple of years would not have to be redo?
  • If only for a couple of years, then install moisture-resistant drywall. And if you have a good ventilation system, it's good for 10 years. Or a suspended ceiling.
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